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Pendleton Veterinary Clinic

Serving your small animal needs since 1945.

625 SW Emigrant Ave
Pendleton, OR 97801
(541) 276-3141

The Pendleton Veterinary Clinic building front from a 45 degree angle
The Pendleton Veterinary Clinic building front
The spacious lobby of the new Pendleton Veterinary Clinic building
A veterinary assistant and a dog on a leash
Two workstations and the filing system for pet records
A clean pet examination room
A fully stocked and organized pharmacy
A clean and orderly veterinary examination area
Two veterinary assistants holding a dog while it receives a vaccination
Two veterinary assistants hold a dog down while it receives an xRay
A veterinarian examines an xRay image on a digital monitor
A lab with laboratory equipment
A workstation with sanitizing equipment and clean uniforms
The state-of-the-art pet surgical suite
A veterinary assistant bathing a dog in the pet bathing station
An attendant playing with a dog in a room with several pet toys
A veterinary assistant returns a dog to the kennels after returning from the exercise yard
Clean well lit dog kennels with glass doors
The Pendleton Veterinary Clinic break room